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Back to the past: The history behind discovery/ invention

The description of plywood was first mentioned in the patent for several machines that are used to produce veneers submitted by Samuel Bentham in 1797 where he mentioned the concept of gluing several layers of veneers together to customize into a larger piece.

Plywoods wholesaler in South India

The concept behind plywood: basically what’s plywood?

Plywood is a material obtained from wood through several steps, which improves the qualities of plywood. The most important quality of plywood is its durability, withstanding power is termed durability. This durability is achieved through its manufacturing process in which low-grade woods are wrapped around higher-grade plywood. They are wrapped together using adhesive glue. The grades of plywood play a vital role in manufacturing process.

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  • The Chopra plywood’s ultimate aim is to provide high-quality waterproof, fire-resistant, and other quality plywood at a budget-friendly rate to people.
  • We don't compromise on quality. Our plywood is made from high-quality wood as a base material and manufactured with high-level technology.
  • Our water-resistant plywood could be an ideal choice for your bathroom and kitchen and on a larger scale, for marine construction.
  • Our fire-resistant plywood could be a great choice for flooring, cladding, and fitting.

Plywood is a successful sustainable product

Plywood indirectly contributes to sustainability as it has higher longevity than other wood products so there is no need for frequent replacement.

Plywood is incredible in flexibility

Plywood is as flexible as the wood veneer, blocks of plywood are arranged at right angles to each other such that if one layer displaces, another layer compensates it. So finally, the overall structure is rigid making it an ideal choice for construction works

The factors that are considered while purchasing a plywood

  • When purchasing plywood, two things are important that are quality and price. Quality is the factor that determines the longevity of the product which denotes how long a product can survive and the next one is budget-friendly.
  • Plywood is the budget-friendly option when compared to wood, among the plywood manufacturers, your ultimate aim will be to find a manufacturer who can provide you with budget-friendly as well as quality plywood. Here you go!
  • Chopra Plywood, one of the leading plywood manufacturers in Singara Chennai expert in the field of manufacturing and distributing plywood, plywood sheets, and other plywood-related products.
Our Plywood Products

Varity of Plywoods

MR Grade Plywood in South India

MR Grade Plywood

MR grade plywood stands for Moisture Resistant plywood and is also known as Commercial plywood in India.

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BWR Grade Plywood in South India

BWR Grade Plywood

BWR grade means Boiling Water Resistant plywood.BWR grade plywood is Boiling Water Resistant Plywood confirming to IS 303.

Explore BWR Grade Plywood
BWP Grade Plywood in South India

BWP Grade Plywood

BWP stands for weather and boil proof. BWP Plywood is considered to be an exterior grade or marine grade

Explore BWP Grade Plywood
Birch Plywood in South India

Birch Plywood

Birch plywood is a fine-grained wood material commonly used in cabinetry, shelving, and constructing drawers, desks, and other fixtures.

Explore Birch Plywood
Fire Retardant Plywood in South India

Fire Retardant Plywood

Fire Retardant plywood is a type of plywood which is treated with special fire retardant chemicals ..

Explore Fire Retardant Plywood
Mat Plywood in South India

Mat Plywood

The PLATINUM GRADE MAT PLYWOOD is well developed incorporating waterproof glue and 8×4 Full Piles Which with stands..

Explore Mat Plywood
Calibrated Plywood in South India

Calibrated Plywood

Calibrated Plywood is the most modern type of plywood that is manufactured using state-of-the-art ..

Explore Calibrated Plywood
Shuttering Plywood in South India

Shuttering Plywood

Shuttering plywood is a term quite commonly used in the construction industry. The shuttering process...

Explore Shuttering Plywood
OST Plywood in South India

OST Plywood

One Side Teaks, naturally have a teak finish to it, and only on one side. The rear of OST is plain and ordinary...

Explore OST Plywood
Flexi Plywood in South India

Flexi Plywood

Flexi ply is a form of plywood which is extremely flexible. It doesn’t show any resistance to bending or rolling and can be twisted..

Explore Flexi plywood
Prelaminated Plywood in South India

Prelaminated Plywood

Prelaminated Plywood Lamination is a process in which a number of sheets are permanently bonded together with the help of hard..

Explore Prelaminated Plywood
Chequered Plywood in South India

Chequered Plywood

Core Decore a high quality Chequered Plywood. It is a multi functional product, which can be used in construction industry for bridges..

Explore Chequered Plywood
Container Flooring Plywood in South India

Container Flooring Plywood

Core Decore container flooring is produced by selected hardwood veneers. It is an extremely durable transportation floorin..

Explore Container Flooring Plywood
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