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A Durable and Stylish OST plywood for Your Home

Embrace the exquisite beauty of OST Plywood, transforming your space into a haven of elegance.

Back to the past: the history behind discovery/ invention:

OST plywood is manufactured using a normal plywood manufacturing process but the base material that is used varies in the case of OST plywood. The advancement of the plywood manufacturing process in the 19th century made it possible to enhance the usage of plywood in various sectors such as construction works. Among these OST plywood steals a hotspot in the demand for sustainability.

OST Plywood Doors

Question pops

What makes OST plywood different from other types of plywood? The manufacturing process of OST plywood is similar to normal plywood but OST plywood is made up of wood strands whereas traditional plywood is made up of thin layers of wood veneers.

Popularity rate:

OST plywood is widely used in construction sectors as it is highly sustainable as it is manufactured from the wood strands obtained from managed forests.

Chopra's OST plywood: concrete speaks more than appealing

Chopra’s OST plywood is highly sustainable as well as affordable. It is available in 4mm thickness and they are available in 8 and 4 feet dimensions. Thickness is also customizable and its appealing color blends along with everything to get an overall aesthetic vibe.

Applications of OST plywood:

  • Sheathing and roof decking: Its strength and dimensional stability contribute to the overall structural integrity of the building.
  • Crafting and packaging: Its reliability makes it an ideal option for crafting.

Benefits of OST plywood:

  • Reliability: OST plywood is highly reliable when compared to other plywoods
  • Sustainable: It is made from wood strands.
8X4 2.8MM
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