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Finger joint boards
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Finger Joint Boards

Working with timber is an art, where every grain tells a unique story of growth and strength

Finger joint Boards, also known as box joints are used to connect two wood pieces at the right angle. They provide strength and stability, commonly used in woodworking for products such as drawers or boxes. They resemble interlocking fingers, hence it gained such a name.

Finger joint boards

Advantages of Finger joint boards:

  • It is an agricultural by-product.
  • It is stronger than the butt or lap joint

Applications of Finger Joint Boards:

  • Joinery: Finger joint Boards are often used to join two pieces of wood together at right angles, creating a strong and stable connection. This is commonly seen in furniture making, such as drawers, cabinets, and frames.
  • Decorative Boxes: Finger joint Boards can add a decorative touch to boxes and chests, enhancing their appearance while also providing structural strength.
  • Picture Frames: They are used in the construction of picture frames, providing a sturdy corner joint that can support the weight of the frame and artwork.
  • Dovetail Jigs: Finger joint Boards can be made using dovetail jigs, which are specialized tools that help in creating precise and uniform joints. These jigs are commonly used in woodworking shops and factories.
  • Jewelry Boxes: They are often used in the construction of small boxes, such as jewelry boxes, where their strength and decorative appearance are valued.
  • Cabinetry: They are utilized in cabinetry to create strong connections between panels, shelves, and other structural components.

Finger Joint Board is strong or weak?

Finger joint board is strong when properly constructed. However, their strength can vary depending on factors such as wood, joint design, and construction technique.

Chopra Group- your affordable place to purchase Finger Joint Boards

The Chopra Group is a renowned supplier of high-quality finger joint boards, offering a wide range of affordable options for various woodworking needs. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, the Chopra Group sources its wood from sustainable forests, ensuring both environmental responsibility and product durability. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional woodworker, the Chopra Group provides an accessible and reliable resource for purchasing finger joint boards, catering to a diverse clientele with competitive pricing and excellent service.

Our Products

Finger Joint Board Variety

Acacia Finger Joint Boards in South India

Acacia Finger Joint Boards

The wood board is manufactured with the best quality wood and advanced machinery to keep up to the international quality standards.

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pine wood finger joint-boards in South India

Pine Wood Finger Joint Boards

we make sure that the pine wood board is checked on different quality parameters under the supervision of our quality controllers.

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Rubber Wood Finger Joint Boards in South India

Rubber Wood Finger Joint Boards

Rubber Wood Finger Joint Wood Board is available in various sizes in order to meet..

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Teak Wood Finger Joint Boards in South India

Teak Wood Finger Joint Boards

Embrace the exquisite beauty of Teak Wood Finger Joint Boards, transforming your space into a haven of elegance.

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FJB Furnitures in South India

FJB Furnitures

Embrace the exquisite beauty of FJB Furnitures , transforming your space into a haven of elegance.

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