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Imported Solid Wood Doors

Elevate Your Space with Timeless Elegance: “Wood doors sing, durability in each swing”.

Explore our collection of imported solid wood doors, crafted with precision and expertise to add a touch of natural beauty to your home or office.

Solid wood door:

A solid wood door is constructed in such a way that there are no hollow spaces in its core. This construction method stands as a base for its durability.

In-depth core:

A solid wood door is constructed by assembling multiple wooden planks to form a thick base. These wooden planks are glued tightly in such a way that there are no hollow spaces.

Glue used:

Polyvinyl acetate(PVA), epoxy adhesives, urea- formaldehyde glues. Among these PVA is the most popularly used one.

Glue and the deciding factor:

  • Polyvinyl acetate(PVA): Strong bond and suitable for most outdoor applications.
  • Deciding factor: Ease of use and general hardworking projects.

  • Epoxy Adhesives: strong bond and resistant to moisture and heat and it's ideal for high-stress applications.
  • Deciding factor: Strength and high resistance to external factors including environmental factors.

  • Urea-formaldehyde: Suitable for furniture manufacturing and it can be used for various types of woods.
  • Deciding factor: Suitability and versatility for a wide range of wood materials.

  • Polyurethane Glue: Water-resistant and able to bond two dissimilar materials and it is also suitable for outdoor applications.
  • Deciding factor: Resistance to water and versatility in bonding two different materials.

Solid Wooden Doors in chennai

What is the difference between solid wood doors and normal wood doors?

Solid wood door:

  • Construction: It is made up of single or multiple wood planks that are glued tightly without any hollow spaces in the core.
  • Durability: It exhibits high resistance to warping or breaking due to its solid construction.
  • Insulation: It shows better soundproofing and insulation when compared to other wood doors.
  • Aesthetics: These types of woods are more visually appealing when compared to other types of doors.

Normal wood door:

  • Construction: The core has hollow space which is typically filled with a honeycomb or any cardboard structure which contributes to its lighter weight.
  • Durability: Less durable when compared to solid wood doors, and easily prone to warping.
  • Insulation: It exhibits very little insulation when compared to solid wood doors.
  • Cost: It is less expensive when compared to Solid wood doors.

Score Card:

  • Round 1: Solid wood door knocks down Normal wood doors with its durability, insulation ability, and versatility.
  • Round 2: Normal wood door knocks down Solid wood doors with its cost-effective option.
  • Round 3: Draws in search of a manufacturer that can provide solid wood doors at affordable prices.

Chopra Door, where quality soars, solid wood allure at prices adores:

Welcome to our affordable Hub, Chopra Groups where craftsmanship meets affordability! Our solid wood doors blend elegance with durability, offering timeless beauty at prices that won't break your bank. Experience the perfect harmony of quality and cost-effectiveness with Chopra Doors- opening pathways to style and great money-saving for every home.

Knot of knowledge:

  • Solid wood doors can be painted: Yes it can be painted, allowing us to customize it according to our preferences.
  • Solid wood door frame: It provides consistent support to the door, the overall stability of the solid wood door is attributed to its no hollow space core and its solid wood frames.
  • What makes a solid wood frame different from a solid wood door: Both of them are made up of wood without any hollow space in their core. The solid door frame supports the solid wood door by enclosing it in all directions ensuring its stability and longevity.

Question pops:

Only solid wood door frames can be used for solid wood doors?:

It is not a strict rule but still, it enhances the stability and aesthetics of the solid wood door.

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