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Readymade door manufactures

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Sourcing timber is not just about transactions, but about building relationships based on trust and reliability.

Based on our vast experience in saw mill (Chopra Timbers) industry, We ventured with our second project C.T. Trading co, where we wanted our customer to be served best for their valuable needs, keeping in this mind our experienced sourcing team makes frequent trips to South-East Asian.

Readymade door manufactures

Countries, Africa and South America for continuous improvement with the quality of our timber. We liaise closely with small specialist saw millers and local governments to ensure the wood is sourced and cut to our exact standards, being in the trade for decades, you can expect a fast, efficient and personal service and a courteous approach. Those traditional qualities are the root of C.T Trading Co. estates success now and forever. Further to this we have also tied up with a reputed Malaysian door Manufacturing company & our superior quality doors are supplied in entire southern region of India in the trusted brand name of CT DOORS which gained a major market share in this segment.

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Innovative designs, lasting durability

Best quality plywood


Durable, versatile plywood for various applications, providing strength, stability, and excellent value for your projects...

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Finger Joint Board with Strength & Durability

Finger Joint Boards

Finger Joint Boards has become established as a substitute for light tropical hardwoods and as one of the..

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PVC foam board with waterproof properties

PVC Foam Board

PVC foam board is fabricated by creating a polymer complex between PVC and Polyurea material. These are used for ..

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 Wide range of wooden doors are available


Exquisite doors that combine beauty and functionality, adding elegance and charm to any space effortlessly..

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Client's Feedback

Client's Feedback

Chopra Timber's Teakwood is unmatched, and its commitment to customer satisfaction is commendable. A class apart.

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Hayatha basha

Chopra Timber's commitment to excellence is evident in every piece of wood. They are the industry's finest.

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Veera Kumar

Chopra Timber's expertise and reliability have been invaluable to our construction projects. Highly recommend.

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Deva kumar

Chopra Timber's Teak wood is unparalleled in quality; they've been our go-to supplier for over a decade

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Chopra Timber's Teak wood is unparalleled in quality; they've been our go-to supplier for over a decade

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Priya nisha

Chopra Timber's Teak wood has transformed our projects. Superior quality and professionalism - a winning combination.


Consistently top-notch timber and exceptional service. Chopra Timber is the best in the business.

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