Teak Wood Mouldings in South India

Teak wood moulding in South India
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Enhance Interiors With Our Teak Wood Mouldings

The beauty of nature, crafted into Teak Wood Round Logs for your woodworking projects.

Our exclusively designed Frames place a team of qualified experts at your disposal. From the first point of contact, to the finished product, all areas of our business are subject to the same exactingly high standards. Exclusively designed Frames are an investment and the product and service you receive reflects the commitment you are making. A high quality designed wooden frames that is un compromised in terms of quality and longevity, that’s why so many people are choosing the brand CT.

Teak wood moulding in South India

ll our design variety are available in Teak Wood, Hanaw (Manjakadamb) and beech wood. We execute new designs as per customer’s dream ideas for bulk quantity. Wooden paneling in showcases, doors and cupboards give a unique finish to interior designing. The Piano design is fashionable and elegant looking and makes the interior much more rich. Make your selection from the choice of hard and soft natural wood from the variety.

Skirting in natural wood, the class of its own wooden ambience and classical look. Made for posh interiors to give everlasting impact. The collection offers you a swide variety in different woods varying in shades, texture and design. The Italian Designer Frame moulding gives an overall interior elegance. These stylish mouldings give beauty as well as impressive appearance to create your own dream world of interior. The Italian designer moulding of Russies gives impact to use as pillars and the hallmark of designer moulding on wood in all these speciality mouldings is perfect and innovative. The variety in this speciality mouldings collection for artistic decorative Arch is contemporary and unique. It reflects the traditional taste to feel the everlasting.

The speciality moulding collection of Piano Diamond and Checks Design panels give fashionable look and dignified appearance. Your interior turns into refined and luxurious lifestyle. Wooden panelling in show cases and doors give a unique approach to interior designing The Piano Inlay is fashionable and elegant to look at. Make your selection from a choice of hard and soft natural wood.


  • Corner design
  • Flat design
  • Piano Design
  • Piano Checks & Diamond Design
  • In-lay Flat
  • In-lay Corner
  • Piano In-lay
  • Cornice
Code Size
AB,AD 1010
AB,AD,AN 1212
AE 1510
AB,AD,AE,AN 1515
AE 1212
AB,AD,AE,AN 1818
AB,AE 2218
AE 2515
AB,AE 2818
AB,AD,AN 2525
AN 3030
AB,AE 3522
AB,AE,AN 3535
AN 4040
AB,AE 4528
AB,AE,AN 4545
AN 5050
AN 6060
AE 7035
AN 7070
Code Size
BA 105
BA 125
BA,BD 158
BA 188
BA,BD 2010
BA,BD 2210
BA,BD 2510
BA,BD 3210
BA 3812
BA 4515
CB 155
BZ 205
CB 208
CB 228
CB 258
BZ 325
CV 328
CB 3510
BZ 506
CB 4510
CB 4520
CB 6028
BZ 225
1/2″X1/2″ 2″ X 4 MM
3/4″X 10 MM 2″ X 6 MM
1″ X 4 MM 2″ X 10 MM
1″ X 6MM 2″ X 12 MM
1″X 10MM 2 1/2″ X 6 MM
1″ X12MM 2 1/2″ X 12 MM
1 1/2″X4MM 3″ X 6 MM
1 1/2″ X6MM 3″ X 12 MM
1 1/2″ X10MM 4″ X 6 MM
1 1/2″ X 12MM 4″ X 12 MM
Code Size
CTB 4545
CTB 6565
CTB 9595
CTM 6015
CTM,CTY 7015
CTY,CTZ 9515
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Interior And Exterior Wooden Teak Wood Moulding in south India
Wooden Teak Wood Molding for interior decoration in south India
Teak Wood Moulding in south India
Teak Wood Mouldings & Borders in south India
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