MR Grade Plywood in South India

Mr grade plywood wholesaler in South India
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Best Quality MR Grade Plywood

Embrace the exquisite beauty of MR Grade Plywood, transforming your space into a haven of elegance.

Back to the past: The history behind discovery/ invention:

Moisture plywood traces its path back to the thirties in the country of Netherlands which was the home of a door manufacturer Bruynzeel developed a superior form of plywood which is none other than marine plywood.

Mr grade plywood wholesaler in South India

Question pops?

Whether moisture plywood and waterproof plywood, that is marine plywood are the same. Marine plywood is highly waterproof plywood. Moisture plywood can withstand exposure to water for a small extent of time whereas Marine plywood is the strongest plywood as the inner core layers are strongly glued without any gaps and usage of adhesives.

Popularity rate:

It is widely used in the construction industry such as home decor for bathroom flooring and modular office in places where there is prolonged exposure to moisture.

Unyielding quality, ensuring elegance- choose Chopra MR plywood for your idyllic living:

Mainly Moisture plywood is used in places that are exposed to water for a long time. For example: bathroom, roof. Chorpra’s MR plywood is the most suitable choice as in an overall view Chopra plywood stands out as one of the leading plywood manufacturers in Chennai for its production of high-quality plywood at an affordable price. Among our high-quality products, Moisture plywood is made up of high-grade woods that are glued together using formaldehyde resin.

Applications of MR plywood:

  • Cabinets for a kitchen: to withstand frequent exposure to water and steam.
  • Bathrooms: most suitable as the moisture level is very high.
  • Commercial uses: construction of boats and restaurants

The important point that has to be noted is that Moisture plywood is totally different from marine plywood as marine plywood is highly waterproof whereas moisture plywood can be used in places which is exposed to high moisture levels. So in some cases, both waterproof and MR plywood are together used for different aspects according to our requirements. Both are available in Chopra plywood.

Benefits of MR plywood:

  • Customizable: MR plywood is customized according to your requirements.
  • Longevity: withstands long exposure to water because of its durability,
  • Less maintenance: as a result saves both our money and time.
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7X4 16MM
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MR Grade Plywood for Furniture in South India
MR Grade Plywood for sale in South India
mr grade plywood 18mm thickness wholesaler in South India
Quality and Cheep MR Grade Plywood Importer in South India
1 Density (kg/m3) Not Specified
2 Moisture Content (%) 5 to 15
3 Glue Adhesion Should be Resist to seperation Min. 1000
a) Adhesion of Piles
b) Glue Shear Strenght (N)
4 Water Resistance Should be Resist to seperation Min. 800N
a) Adhesion of Piles
b) Glue Shear Strenght (N)
5 Tensile Strength (N/ Not Specified
a) Parallel to grain
b) Perpendicular to grain
c) Total
6 Static Bending Strength (Dry) (N/mm2)
a) Parallel to Grains Direction Min. 30
b) Perpendicular to Grains Direction Min. 50
7 Static Bending Strength (Wet) (N/mm2) Not Specified
a) Parallel to Grains Direction
b) Perpendicular to Grains Direction
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